Minecraft Jukebox - 4/18/13

Over the past few days I've been working on a small web project called "Minecraft Jukebox." The concept was to bring C418's wonderful records into a fun web interface where they could be played by anyone. I wanted to make the app as minecraft-y as possible, complete with animations and block sounds. The end result can be viewed here. I think I did a pretty good job, and I hope you like it!

New ScreenDimmer Promo Site - 1/17/13

I've released a new promo site for my app ScreenDimmmer. I spent a few hours tweaking a bootstrap theme called 'flex' from the guys over at Trippo, Inc and am pretty happy with the results! Bootstrap is a really powerful framework, and I had a fun time messing around with it. Whenever I get another couple of hours I will set up a similar promo site for my other mac app Breaker3D. If you want to check out the site you can visit it here, and if you haven't yet picked up ScreenDimmer (what are you waiting for!) you can do so there as well. I hope you all like it!

Breaker3D v1.0 released! - 12/19/12

Breaker3D is my first mac game availible on the app store. You can pick it up here for a mere $2.99. The game is a 3D BrickBreaker clone...with a twist! It has features three new and interesting game modes, a built in level editor, new gameplay mechanics, and a slew of built in levels.
For more information head over the the App Store. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated! Please email me if you have anything to say :)

Ludum Dare! - 12/17/12

Ludum Dare 25 just finished up; it was a blast! My sister, Lola, and I competed. We made a pretty cool little game called "PrisonBreak" You can play it here, or view the LD25 entry here.
We had a great time competing, and I think the game came out pretty good. It's super hard, has some fun music/sound effects, and a good array of levels. If you do chose to play it, awesome!

CleanSlate v1.0 released! - 12/05/12

CleanSlate has been released just in time for Christmas! It can be downloaded over at the downloads page, located here. CleanSlate is a simple menu bar application which allows you to hide your desktop icons with the click of a button. Left clicking on the menu bar icon with activate/deactivate hiding of the desktop icons, right clicking will bring up a small menu (with quit button).
Thats about it! It's a simple but often useful application. If you have ever wanted to quickly de-clutter your desktop give CleanSlate a go!

ScreenDimmer v1.1 released! - 11/08/12

Hooray! After a month long wait, v1.1 of my mac application ScreenDimmer has been released! Here is the complete changelog...

- Added Snow Leopard compatibility
- Added option to change which direction the slider went (1-100 or 100-1)
- Added option to change icon style (gray or colored)
- Fixed bug when changing spaces
- Fixed bug preventing monitors from being selected on startup
- Completely redid the icon (though kept the menu bar icon)

The new icon took a while, but I am pretty happy with it. I feel it better conveys the actual use of the application. The menu bar icon has also recieved a slight tweak, and the option to toggle it's color will hopefully satisfy most of you.
ScreenDimmer is currently availible for $1.99 on the Mac App Store, and is availible as a free upgrade for anybody who previously purchased it. I hope you enjoy the new content, and if you have any suggestions please do not hesitate to relay them to me. Thanks!

CleanSlate Preview - 10/12/12

It seems like I just finished with ScreenDimmer (I did), but I've already got another app comming! This one is titled CleanSlate, and is a menu bar app (like ScreenDimmer) which allows you to hide/show your desktop icons with the click of a button. Simple, but certainly useful. Here are some images of it in action...
The app is just about finished. Functionality wise, it is complete, I just have to finalize the icons and GUI elements. One slightly dissapointing fact is that due to the App Stores new sandboxing "feature," I am not able to submit CleanSlate to the app store. In a sandboxed application, I do not have access to the users desktop. This is clearly an issue for an app which hides the users desktop. Regardless, I will be releasing the app free of charge here on my website. There will be links to it on the downloads page, but I will also make sure to post when it releases. All in all I am pretty happy with it, it's simple but incedibly useful. I hope you will find it as helpful as I did!

ScreenDimmer v1.1 Submitted - 10/09/12

I have submitted v1.1 of ScreenDimmer to the Mac App Store, I hope to have it accepted by the end of the week! The current changelog is as follows...

- Added Snow Leopard compatibility
- Added option to change which direction the slider went (1-100 or 100-1)
- Added option to change icon style (gray or colored)
- Fixed bug when changing spaces
- Fixed bug preventing monitors from being selected on startup
- Entirely redid the icon, let me know what you think!

I am incredibly happy with the apps reception thus far. It has been mostly positive, and the negative bits were well thought out suggestions which I attempted to put in place. I want to thank everybody for their feedback/download, it means a lot to me :)

There is, of course, more to come. Next up I will be working on a new icon, and if I can't get it to an aesthetically pleasing state then I will hire somebody to do so. After that I will probably attempt to expand on the functionality, maybe add configurable keyboard shortcuts. I hope this update fixes any gripes you may have had, but if it doesn't, please do not heistate to contact me!

ScreenDimmer Released - 10/08/12

ScreenDimmer 1.0 has been released on the Mac App Store! You can download it here for a mere $0.99. I am pretty happy with how it turned out, both in terms of graphics and usability. I hope you enjoy the little app, and if you have any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to ask!

ScreenDimmer Preview - 09/12/12

Having two monitors on OSX is both a joy and a pain. Simple things like viewing a movie or playing a game quickly become a hassle when you have one screen playing and the other blasting full brightness your face. There is no quick and easy way to "cover" or dim a single screen, so I got to work on a solution. The result is what I am creatively dubbing "ScreenDimmer." It allows you to selectively dim up to three monitors in all sorts of configurations and opacities (brightnesses), while not interfering with your other applications. You could choose to have your second monitor be dim while your primary plays a movie, or maybe have your primary and third be full black while you play a game on your second. Confused yet? Maybe these images will help you out...
Still confused? Fine. The scroll bar on top allows you to control the opacity of the overlay. You can adjust these to whatever suits your eyes, sometimes full black is desired, other times a slight dim may be all you want. Whatever you desire, the scroll bar will let you accomplish it! Just below it there are three monitors, there are your three "potential monitors." I only have two, so as you can see, the third monitor button is disabled. When you press one of the buttons it will turn blue to indicate that it has been selected. A selected monitor will have the overlay displayed on top of it, anywhere between 0 and 3 can be selected at a time. Just below those there are buttons to quit the application, enable/disable the overlay, and view some info/change some settings.

The app is coming along nicely. The only thing left to do is complete the info button and possibly polish the GUI (though I'm no artist). The icon took ages to make but I am pretty happy with it. The monitors look okay as well but are in no way anything special. I plan on submitting to the Mac App Store within the week, though I will most likely host a version here as well. After submission, I predict the app will be available within the month but really, what do I know?

Welcome - 08/02/12

You can view all of my currently available downloads here,
any news or updates can be viewed here.

In the meantime, you can email me here,
or download a fun little game my sister and I made called Snerg!
Here are some screenshots from the release build (could differ from the latest build), [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ].
Looking for Snerg highscores? You can find them here!

I'm also working on a game engine which will hopefully allow for simple (2D) java game development, without the mess of threads and draw handling!
I've codenamed it "AtlasProperEngine" or APE for short. It should be released (here) in the near future!
Here are some work in progress screenshots of whats been made with the latest build, [ 1, 2 ].

Once completed I'll begin on APE-3D, a full featured though significantly less daunting OpenGL games engine using the already impressive LWJGL library.
APE-3D will allow for 3D game creation without the need to mess around with matrices or cryptic OpenGL method calls.
Here is what's been done so far on APE-3D, [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]. It's a step in the right "dimension" :)

That's all for now, thanks for stopping by!